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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut Cheats "Conversation Answers" (Wii U)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360  |  PC


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Conversation Answers

Use the following answers to the conversations to unlock the best ending for that person: Zeke SandersEmpathize, Empathize, Empathize, Empathize.Zeke will release the hostage and flee. If you let Zeke leave but make a mistake in the rest of the conversation, he will still go but the hostage will die. Wayne HaasAbsolve, Absolve, Absolve/Plead, Crush.This givesyou unrestricted access to the non-restricted areas of the Detroit police station. Note: This unlocks the "Desk Job" trophy. David SarifRefocus, Refocus, Refocus, Defend.David will give you emails and records about Adam's past and the security loophole. Note: This unlocks the "Yes Boss" trophy. Tong Si HungPinpoint, Advise, Pinpoint.Adam can go downstairs to meet with the Triad leader that owns The Hive. Note: This unlocks the "Darker Shades" trophy. Bill TaggartConfront, Discredit, Confront, Discredit.Bill Taggart gives you the location of Dr. Isaias Sandoval. Note: This unlocks the "Throwdown" trophy. Doctor Isaias SandovalTough Love, Empathize, Empathize.This prevents Isaias Sandoval from killing themself. Note: This unlocks the "Last Straw" trophy. Hugh DarrowExtrapolate, Extrapolate, Appeal, Extrapolate/Appeal.Hugh Darrow deactivates the security system and you will get the code to shut down the Hyron system. Note: This unlocks the "Final Countdown" trophy.

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