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Resident Evil: Revelations Cheats "Achievements" (Wii U)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360  |  PC  |  3DS


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Unlock the following achievements by performing the corresponding tasks. They can be seen in the "Achievements" option on the main menu:
01: We'll Find You, Jill [CAMPAIGN] Clear Episodes 1-3.
02: Get Us Out of Here! [CAMPAIGN] Clear Episodes 4-6.
03: The Queen Zenobia [CAMPAIGN] Clear Episodes 7-9.
04: The Storm is Gone [CAMPAIGN] Clear Episodes 10-12.
05: The Dark Forest [CAMPAIGN] Clear Casual difficulty or higher.
06: The Shores of Purgatory [CAMPAIGN] Clear Normal difficulty or higher.
07: The Vestibule of Hell [CAMPAIGN] Clear Infernal difficulty.
08: Surviving Deep Darkness [CAMPAIGN] Clear the game in Normal difficulty or above without dying once.
09: First Victim [CAMPAIGN] Scan 1 hidden hand print.
10: Traces of Tragedy [CAMPAIGN] Scan 15 hidden hand prints.
11: Last Victim [CAMPAIGN] Scan 30 hidden hand prints.
12: Researcher [CAMPAIGN] Scan an enemy for the first time.
13: Research Complete [CAMPAIGN] Scan all enemy types.
14: B.O.W. Hunter [CAMPAIGN] Defeat 150 enemies.
15: Living on the Edge [CAMPAIGN] Stop an enemy bullet with your knife.
16: By the Crosshairs [CAMPAIGN] Defeat Rachael before she gets to the cafeteria.
17: Bamboozle the Oozes [CAMPAIGN] Defeat 10 Oozes with headshots.
18: Die Another Day [CAMPAIGN] Evade a Scagdead's instant-death attack.
19: Triple Play [CAMPAIGN] Defeat 3 enemies with one shock grenade.
20: A Packaged Deal [CAMPAIGN] Defeat a Scarmiglione as a whole without killing both parts of its body separately.
21: Rockets are for Losers [CAMPAIGN] Defeat a Malacoda without using a rocket launcher.
22: The Pool Is Open [CAMPAIGN] Swim in the Solarium.
23: Dodge Master [CAMPAIGN] Dodge 20 times.
24: Angry Fist [CAMPAIGN] Land 10 fully charged physical attacks.
25: First Circle Traveler [RAID MODE] Clear all stages on Chasm.
26: Midland Traveler [RAID MODE] Clear all stages on Trench.
27: Seventh Circle Traveler [RAID MODE] Clear all stages on Abyss.
28: First Circle Overseer [RAID MODE] Clear all stages on Chasm with an S rank.
29: Midland Overseer [RAID MODE] Clear all stages on Trench with an S rank.
30: Seventh Circle Overseer [RAID MODE] Clear all stages on Abyss with an S rank.
31: Beyond the Veil [RAID MODE] Clear the bonus stage, the Ghost Ship.
32: On Your Way [RAID MODE] Reach player level 5.
33: Moving on Up [RAID MODE] Reach player level 10.
34: Reaching Higher [RAID MODE] Reach player level 20.
35: Raising the Bar [RAID MODE] Reach player level 30.
36: Meteoric Rise [RAID MODE] Reach player level 40.
37: Top of My Game [RAID MODE] Reach player level 50.
38: One for Each Minnesota Lake [RAID MODE] Defeat 10,000 enemies.
39: That'll Leave a Mark [RAID MODE] Inflict 100,000 points of damage to an enemy in one hit.
40: Dynamic Duo [RAID MODE] Land a fully charged physical attack on an enemy at the same time as your partner.
41: Legendary Find [RAID MODE] Obtain a super rare weapon.
42: Legends Are Made, Not Born [RAID MODE] Obtain all super rare weapons.
43: Shop 'til Ya Drop [RAID MODE] Spend 1,000,000 BP in the store.
44: The Unbroken Thread [RAID MODE] Acquire No Damage Bonus for the first time.
45: Gutsy [RAID MODE] Clear a stage at 5 levels lower than the recommended level.
46: Three is the Magic Number [RAID MODE] Acquire Trinity Bonus for the first time.
47: Bonus Enthusiast [RAID MODE] Acquire 10 bonuses.
48: Bonus Ace [RAID MODE] Acquire 50 bonuses.
49: Bonus Legend [RAID MODE] Acquire 100 bonuses.
50: Bonus Demi-god [RAID MODE] Acquire 150 bonuses.

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