Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii U Cheats

Rating 2

Retro music

Whenever Maxwell dies from electrocution while wearing an item that changes his vision, the music will change into a simple retro midi theme upon continuihng. This can be done with the XRay Goggles, XRay Glasses, Nightvision Goggles, Thermal Goggles, or Polarized Sunglasses.

Rating 1

Secret Game Modes

Activate the following game modes by performing the corresponding tasks. To revert back to normal, play the mode you activated a second time. Note: These may only work on the Wii U version of the game:

Gameboy Color Mode Type in ARCADE MACHINE to get an arcade that can be played.
Gameboy Mode Type in VIDEO GAME to get a gameboy.
Old Timey Mode Type in TIME MACHINE, and use it to make everything sepia tone, and have a piano bgm.

Rating 1

Special Phrases

The following special phrases will result in the corresponding effects:

Arcade (Game) Your screen goes into 16-bit mode 
Night Vision Goggles Your screen will take on a faint neon glow
Time Machine Your screen will display old-fashioned effects 

Rating 1

Unlockable Characters

  • Collect 60 Starites to play as Lily
  • Collect all 106 Starites to play as Edgar or Julie.