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Super Mario 3D World Cheats "Power-Ups" (Wii U)


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The following power-ups have the corresponding effects:
Beam/Light Box Defeats ghosts like Boos and shows you how dark areas look like to reveal secrets.
Cannon Box Lets you shoot cannonballs and kill enemies.
Coin Box Earn coins for walking and moving around.
Double Cherry Creates a copy of your character that mirrors your every move, including powerups. Can be collected repeatedly to create several copies, but one will disappear if you get hit.
Mega Mushroom Grow huge and stomp on everything.
Propeller Block Fly high to reach impossible places.
Super Bell Turns Mario and friends into cats, allowing you to climb up walls, scratch enemies, and more.
Super Mushroom Makes you grow to receive an extra hit.
Tanooki Leaf Turns Mario into a racoon/bear that can float and spin his tail to kill enemies.
 Fire Flower Lets you shoot 2 fireballs to roast enemies.

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