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Trine 2: Director's Cut Wii U Cheats

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Crossing large gaps and chasms

This is an easy way to cross large gaps if you cannot figure out how to solve the puzzle (for example, catapults). Re-allocate your skill points, if necessary, to equip Zoya with the low gravity arrows and Amadeus with the Conjure 2 or higher abilities. Make a low gravity field and suspend one of Amadeus's boxes within it, refire the low grav arrows, and reposition the box as needed to center the bubble over the chasm. Suspend two or more of Amadeus's boxes within the field to create a bridge. Eventually you can move the low gravity field with you as you jump from box to box.

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Trine 2: Director's Cut Wii U Q&A

I the gamer that can get extremely frustrated when it comes to tricky platformers and puzzles. Now I highly enjoyed the Mario Galaxy series and Zelda etc., and while I did enjoy New Super Mario Bros. U at the beginning and middle, towards the end of that

Answer from iwishiwasajedi

The puzzles never leave you scratching your head for too long. However, if NSMBU gave you trouble...idk lol since that game was pretty easy.

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What button do you push to talk? : )

Answer from 7Nitemares

The manual says L + ZL. Also you can click the R analog.

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