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Wii Sports Club Cheats "Bowling: Second training level" (Wii U)


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Bowling: Second training level

Use the following trick to score over 700 with ease. Switch to the pivot option with A. In other words, do not move you character left or right, just move you aim to the right or left. This works for both left and right handed bowlers. Swing all the way until you are pointing at the first WiiSport symbol on the rail (the closest to you). Move there until the tip of the dotted line disappears right at the far edge (the area closest to the pins) of said WiiSport symbol. Pivot back down toward the pins until the dot reappears and then count five clicks, spaces back to the center. Make sure you listen to the clicks and do not worry about what it looks like. If done correctly, and with enough power, you should get a strike on every set-up. This works better when you throw the ball and it does not skip down the lane, meaning it comes out of your bowler's hand cleanly.

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