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Game also available for:   PSP

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CG Complete (100 points) CG Complete.
Chapter 1: Eyes in Eyes (5 points) Clear the first chapter.
Chapter 2: Click Me (10 points) Clear the second chapter.
Chapter 3: General (10 points) Clear the third chapter.
Chapter 4: Di-Sword (10 points) Clear the fourth chapter.
Chapter 5: Paranoia (10 points) Clear the fifth chapter.
Chapter 6: Noah (10 points) Clear the sixth chapter.
Chapter 7: Psychopath (10 points) Clear the seventh chapter.
Chapter 8: LR2 (10 points) Clear the eighth chapter.
Chapter 9: Giga-Lo-Maniac (10 points) Clear the ninth chapter.
Ending Complete (100 points) Get all the endings.
Prologue (5 points) The prologue was cleared.
Blue Sky (60 points) Unlock the last ending.
Crying Sky (60 points) Unlock ending B.
Daydream (50 points) Unlock the ending of seven seas.
Deus Ex Machina (50 points) Unlock the ending of Sena.
Silent Sky (10 points) Unlock ending A.

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