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3D Brick Breaker Revolution Cheats "Achievements" (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)


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Apprentice Classicist Complete 10 levels in Classic Mode.
Apprentice Revolutionary Get to Level 5 in Revolution Mode.
Backpacker Get to Level 25 in Revolution Mode.
Barely Made It! In Time Attack Mode, clear a level with less than 4 seconds remaining on the clock.
Blue-Collar Millionaire Get 1,000,000 points in Revolution Mode.
Bonus Champion Complete 100 bonus levels in Revolution Mode
Bonus Grabber Complete 1 Bonus Level in Revolution Mode.
Boss Breaker Jr. Destroy 1 Boss in Revolution Mode.
Boss Breaker Pro Destroy 10 Bosses in Revolution Mode.
Brick Basher Break 5,000 basic brcks.
Destroyer Break 100 unbreakable bricks.
Dr. Strangelove Use 50 Nukes.
Explorer Get to Level 150 in Revolution Mode.
Immortal Get 100 extra lives.
King Climber Get to Level 300 in Revolution Mode.
Know Your Place, Robot Complete Classic Mode.
Lose-A-Life Award Lose 50 extra lives.
Master Classicist Complete 30 levels in Classic Mode.
Mighty Laborer Get 500,000 points in Revolution Mode.
Professional Adventurer Get to Level 200 in Revolution Mode.
Score Hoarder Get 500,000 points in Classic Mode.
Score Millionaire Get 1,000,000 points in Classic Mode.
Score Scavenger Get 100,000 points in Classic Mode.
Scorer Get 50,000 points in Classic Mode.
Stonecutter Break 1,000 rock bricks.
Traveler Get to Level 50 in Revolution Mode.
True Traveler Get to Level 250 in Revolution Mode.
Veteran Boss Breaker Destroy 50 Bosses in Revolution Mode.
Virtual Blacksmith Break 500 metal bricks.
Wanderer Get to Level 100 in Revolution Mode.

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