Airport City iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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Try expanding your land whenever possible so you can build a bigger town/airport to generate more cash. The more runways you have, the more planes will be able to take off and land at any given time. HOwever, keep in mind that each plane needs its own hangar and that costs.

Rating 3


Invest in some Power Plants to generate more electricity. The larger your town/airport gets the more electricity you will need.

Rating 3

Daily Reward

Be sure to check back for a daily reward.

Rating 2

Rotate Runways

To rotate the runways go to the bottom of the screen where the icons are located (treasure, people, shop, plane, box, arrow and gift) and tap the arrow icon, then just click on the orange and green arrows.

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Pilot Requests

Despite costing you fuel, you can gain Gold coins and valuable Experience Points by allowing planes to land at your airport when you receive requests to land from pilots.