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Angry Birds Cheats "Game Center achievements" (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)

Game also available for:   PSP  |  XBOX 360  |  PC  |  Wii


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Game Center achievements

Angry Birds Addict Play Angry Birds for 30 hours.
Angry Birds Fan Play Angry Birds for 5 hours.
Backward Compatibility Shoot 10 birds in the wrong direction.
Bird Slinger Shoot 5,000 birds.
Block Smasher Smash 50,000 blocks.
Defeat The King Finish World 3.
Egg Cracker Get 10 golden egg stars.
Egg Hunter Find 10 golden eggs.
Episode 1: Score Addict Episode 1: Get 4,000,000 points.
Episode 1: Total Destruction Episode 1: Get three stars in all levels.
Episode 2: Score Addict Episode 2: Get 3,300,000 points.
Episode 2: Total Destruction Episode 2: Get three stars in all levels.
Episode 3: Score Addict Episode 3: Get 4,800,000 points.
Episode 3: Total Destruction Episode 3: Get three stars in all levels.
Episode 4: Score Addict Episode 4: Get 3,900,000 points.
Episode 4: Total Destruction Episode 4: Get three stars in all levels.
Green Baron Finish World 8.
Hardhat Hidalgo Finish World 9.
Herr Helmet Finish World 1.
Hovering Helmet Finish World 6.
Icepicker Smash 5,000 ice blocks.
Mason Moustache Finish World 10.
Mounting Moustache Finish World 7.
Mr. Moustache FInish World 2.
Pig Popper Smash 1,000 pigs.
Royal Ringleader Finish World 11.
Smash Maniac Smash 500,000 blocks.
Star Collector Get 750 Stars.
Star Gatherer Get 1500 Stars.
Stonecutter Smash 5,000 stone blocks.
The Imposter Finish World 4.
The Mysterious Escape Finish World 5.
True Angry Birds Fan Play Angry Birds for 15 hours.
Woodpecker Smash 5,000 wooden blocks.

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