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Bit.Trip Beat iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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Unlockable Levels

Unlock the following levels by performing the corresponding tasks:
Descent level Complete the Transition level with a high score (over 500,000 points) to unlock Descent.
Growth level Complete the Descent level with a high score (over 500,000 points) to unlock Growth.

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Game Center achievements

Adept Return 25 beats in a row.
Ambidextrous Play with tilt and touch controls.
Clarity Survive a small paddle power-up.
Colossus Returned 5000 beats in total.
Coordinated Survive a juggle beat.
Endurance Survive 30 seconds in mega.
Expert Beat Boss 1.
Focused Survive a firework beat.
From The Void Recover from nether with one beat left.
Giant Returned 1000 beats in total.
Hulk Returned 100 beats in total.
Invervention Move from nether to mega without missing a beat.
Legend Beta Boss 2.
Master Return 100 beats in a row.
Neophyte Return 10 beats in a row.
Nimble Survive the first juggle beat.
Paragon Beat Boss 3
Paramount Fet 100% on any Challenge Beat.
Prodigy Return 50 beats in a row.
Resurrection Move from nether to mega.
Revival Recover from nether.
Ruinage Miss a beat with a large paddle.
Split Focus Survive the first firework beat.
Survivalism Survive 60 seconds in mega.
Titan Returned 10,000 beats in total.

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