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Game Center achievements

All your Base Get 1000 points.
Boron Blow up 5 boxes in one explosion.
C4 Win 500 games.
Carbon Blow up 6 boxes from one explosion.
Cruise Lose 50 games.
Daisy Cutter Go from 0 points to wining the game in one move.
Dynamite Win 250 games.
Fat Man Win without letting the other player get any points.
Firecracker Win 10 games.
For the Motherland Get 500 points.
Grenade Win 100 games.
Gunpowder Win 1 game.
Hydro Lose 500 games.
Little Boy Lose a game with no points.
M80 Win 25 games.
Mass Destruction Get 50 points.
Nitro Win 1000 games.
Nitrogen Blow up 7 boxes from one explosion.
Nuke Lose 250 games.
Patriot Lose 100 games.
Roman Candle Win 50 games.
Scud Lose 25 games.
Shock and Awe Get 250 points.
Sidewinder Lose 10 games.
Stink Bomb Lose 1 games.
Suicide Bomber Make a move that causes your opponent to win.
Torched Get 1 point in a game.
Tsar Bomba Lose 1000 games.

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