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Cause Of Death: Can You Catch The Killer? iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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Detective Points

Get detective points in the following chapters by doing the corresponding tasks:

  • Chapter One: Washed Up
1. Bluff at the card game.
2. Give Captain Yeong your word that you'll follow the
3. Politely ask the woman to back away from the crime
4. Say this murder is different, because the cause of
death is different.
5. Say that the Maskmaker is evolving.
6. Tell Natara that she must have pissed someone off.
7. Chase the suspect! Stick with him by kicking the door
in, then ducking his attack. Remember the suspect had
brown hair, then tackle Natara out of the bus' way.
Finish by tacking the suspect.
8. Say the suspect could be the murderer.
9. Question the suspect about murder, to unnerve him.
10. Ask the suspect about the victim.

  • Chapter Two: The Masks We Wear
1. Tell Blaire that things are proceeding as expected.
2. Say that the Maskmaker is 20-40, an introvert and
highly intelligent.
3. Ask if Eric identified what the victim was drugged
4. Say, "Um...What?" to Amy.
5. Tell Boggs the mask is creepy.
6. Tell Boggs that Mal is uncouth.
7. Ask about the female mask.
8. Tell Mal to negotiate the price.
9. Chase time! Catch the criminal by swerving around the
garbage truck following Mal's instructions, looking for
Dan Dan Dim Sum, then accelerate and cut off the
10. Threaten the criminal.
11. Pull Mal back.
12. Say that Clemente made replica masks.
13. Say that Amy is talking about Eric.

  • Chapter Three: Bad Medicine
1. Say the case is getting personal for Captain Yeong.
2. Say that the other victims weren't placed.
3. Ask to speak with Mr. Emerson's daughter.
4. Tell Anna "We think you might."
5. Tell Eric that his explanation doesn't make sense.
6. Call Eric over.
7. Tell Natara that you don't think Rose is the killer.
8. Peek through a crack before going inside.
9. Tell them that you just want to talk.
10. Say that this is about the Maskmaker case.
11. Shoot the person who is holding a gun at you.
12. Tell Natara to take a shot. This only happens, if you
aimed your gun at Dr. Rose.
13. Let Dr. Rose escape.
14. Shoot under the cabinet.
15. Put your gun down.
16. Tell Captain Yeong that Rose's innocence is just a

  • Chapter Four: Buried Secrets
1. Tell Mal "Let's do it."
2. Point out all the victims had reddish hair.
3. Conclude that the killer must have seen the party.
4. As part of your cover story, say you met Mal at a
5. As part of your cover story, say you're worried for
"our baby".
6. Since you have no warrant, look in the trashcans.
7. Don't say anything about the dark shape.
8. Draw your gun and shoot the Maskmaker.
9. Chase after him!
10. Don't go outside. Instead, go deeper into the house.
11. Turn on your flashlight to see.
12. Shoot the lock to the other room.
13. Assure Captain Yeong that you just want to do your
14. Ask Mal "You noticed?"
15. Say, "I am pretty hungry."
16. Tell Sean "Thank you!"

  • Chapter Five: Unmasked
1. Accept Boggs' help.
2. Ask Eric about the house.
3. Examine the masks, then move them to find a safe.
4. Call Mal over to look at the safe.
5. Go to the other room and examine the wardrobe.
6. Examine the coat in the wardrobe.
7. Ask if the old woman can answer a few questions about
the house.
8. Ask how long the house has been empty.
9. Say you're investigating a gas leak.
10. Input the password "Rebecca".
11. Guess the connection "Alcatraz".
12. Say, "Yes, I was."
13. Take a step towards Eric.
14. Call Amy's mother.
15. Tell Eric to forget it.
16. Fight Eric.
17. Use a pair of scissors during the fight.

  • Chapter Six: The Devil's Island
1. Blame yourself.
2. Say Eric ruled himself out.
3. Say the killer is on Alcatraz Island.
4. Claim you should go because you know the case.
5. Tell the killer his name is Brian.
6. Tell the killer that he hates his family, because they
locked him away.
7. Tell the killer that his sister's death was terrible.
8. If Natara leads, go to the room. Knock Natara aside,
keep hidden, duck, kick low and push three times.
9. If Mal leads, quietly investigate. Remain hidden,
tackle the killer, subdue his arms and dive for the gun.
Go through the service entrance as Natara and shoot the
10. Put down your gun.
11. Ask, "Like you enjoyed killing Rebecca?"
12. Ask, "Is this getting you off?"
13. Say, "She was perfect."
14. Grab the flare gun and shoot it!

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