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Game Center achievements

Behading Lose 100 games.
Bobby Fisher Win 1000 games.
Boys to Men Promote a pawn.
Burgler Take 250 of your opponent's pieces.
Candidate Master Win 25 games.
Castle Master Perform the special castle move 10 times.
Chess Expert Win 10 games.
Deep Blue Win 500 games.
Drawn and Quartered Lose 250 games.
Duke of Pawn Promote 50 pawns.
Evasive Action Get put in check 100 times.
FIDE Master Win 50 games.
Fast Action Win a game in less than 60 seconds.
Frenchie Perform the special En Passant move.
Grand Larceny Take 1000 of your opponent's pieces.
Grand Master Win 250 games.
Hot Pursuit Put your opponent in check 100 times.
International Master Win 100 games.
Iron Maiden Lose 25 games.
Larceny Take 1000 of your opponent's pieces.
Looter Take 100 of your opponent's pieces.
Massive Action Win a game in 2 moves.
Pawnage Promote 100 pawns.
Promoter Promote 25 pawns.
Serf Lose 1 game.
Sir Lancelot Take your opponent's queen.
Squire Win 1 game.
The Rack Lose 10 games.
The Stocks Lose 50 games.
Thief Take 500 of your opponent's pieces.

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