Chop Chop Runner iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 1


1000 Kills (100) Kill 100 enemies in career.
10000m (100) Reach 10090 meters in a game.
1000m (25) Reach 1000 meters in a game.
20 Kills (25) Kill 20 enemies in a single game
2000m (50) Reach 2000 meters in a game.
50 Kills (50) Kill 50 enemies in a single game.
5000m (75) Reach 5000 meters in a game.
Back Attack! (25) Attack an enemy from behind.
Comeback (50) Come back from a desperate situation.
Kill Them All (50) Kil all types of enemies in a single game.
Marathon (100) Cover a distance of 42195 meters in career.
The Pacifist (50) Don’t kill anyon in a single game (but run at least 300m).