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Create A Mall Cheats "Game Center achievements" (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)

Game also available for:   PC


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Game Center achievements

Arcade Mania Build 10 arcades.
Bookworm Build 50 Book Stores.
Capitolville Explore the entire Capitolville to earn this!
Centropolis Explore the entire Centropolis to earn this!
Credit Collector Accumulate 15 store credits in Kelly's Office.
Danger Free Introduce 5 Security Enhancements.
Dress Designer Build 100 Clothing Stores.
Fashion Mania Dress up Kelly with 5 different fashionable outfits.
Final Challenge Explore the entire Final Challenge to earn this!
Foodie Doodie Build 50 Restaurants.
Go Bowling Build 4 Bowling Alleys.
Gold Souk Build 100 Jewelry Stores.
Helpmate Build 50 Info Centers.
Littleville Explore the entire Littleville to earn this!
Movie Buff Build 10 Movie Theaters.
Scent Descent Build 100 Perfume Stores.
Shoe Maker Build 100 Shoe Stores.
Smalltown Explore the entire Smalltown to earn this!
Techie Build 10 Computer Stores.
Ting-a-ling Build 8 Music Stores.
ToyPloy Build 50 Toy Stores.
Trophy 1 Win all three medals in Tutotown to earn this trophy!
Trophy 2 Win all six medals in Littleville to earn this trophy!
Trophy 3 Win all six medals in Smalltown to earn this trophy!
Trophy 4 Win all six medals in Centropolis to earn this trophy!
Trophy 5 Win all six medals in Capitolville to earn this trophy!
Trophy 6 Win all three medals in the Final Challenge to earn this trophy!
Trophy 7 Purchase all decorations for your office to earn the golden Decorator trophy!
Trophy 8 Shop in your mall's stores to earn the golden Ultimate Shopper trophy!
Trophy 9 Purchase all clothing and accessories to earn the golden Clothes Shopper trophy!
Tutotown Explore the entire Tutotown to earn this!
Twitter Freak Tweet 100 scores.
Tycoon Build 2 Department Stores.

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