Destinia iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 3

Unlimited Mediocre Potion glitch

Get the two dusts required and, in the crafting menu, go to potions and select "Mediocre HP/MP Potion" (works for both). It will show the crafting action as it does whenever you craft something. However, you will notice your supplies don't deplete, allowing you to create an unlimited supply.

Rating 1

Unlockable Titles

Unlock the following titles with their indicated bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Amateur Hunter- AGI+1 INT+1 Kill at least 50 monsters.
Amateur Specialist- CRI+2 EVA+2 Complete 10 subquests.
Aspiring Warrio- Str+3 Agl+3 Achieve Level 10.
Beggar- AGI+1 VIT+1 Obtain at least 100 gold from hunting..
Billionaire- AGI+11 VIT+11 Obtain at least 5000 gold from hunting.
Blacksmith- HIT+2 EVA+2 Craft at least 10 times.
Butcher- AGI+7 INT+7 Kill at least 500 monsters.
Commoner- AGI+3 VIT+3 Obtain at least 200 gold from hunting.
Errand Runner- CRI+1 EVA+1 Complete 5 subquests.
Expert Blacksmith- HIT+3 EVA+3 Craft at least 20 times.
Expert Killer- AGI+9 INT+9 Kill at least 1000 monsters.
Expert Specialist- CRI+3 EVA+3 Complete 20 subquests.
God of Money- AGI+15 VIT+15 Obtain at least 10000 gold from hunting.
God of Quests- CRI+8 EVA+8 Complete 60 subquests.
Hercules- Str+9 Agl+9 Achieve Level 60.
Hero- Str+5 Agl+5 Achieve Level 20.
Legendary Warrior- Str+15 Agl+15 Achieve Level 99.
Master Specialist- CRI+5 EVA+5 Complete 40 subquests.
Middle Class- AGI+5 VIT+5 Obtain at least 500 gold from hunting.
Millionaire- AGI+9 VIT+9 Obtain at least 2000 gold from hunting.
Newbie Blacksmith- HIT+1 EVA+1 Craft at least 5 times.
Novice- Str+1 Agl+1 Achieve Level 5.
Reputed Warrior- Str+7 Agl+7 Achieve Level 40.
Rich- AGI+7 VIT+7 Obtain at least 1000 gold from hunting.
Slater- AGI+5 INT+5 Kill at least 200 monsters.
Super Hero- Str+11 Agl+11 Achieve Level 80.
Supreme Specialist- CRI+6 EVA+6 Complete 50 subquests.
Ultimate Slayer- AGI+11 INT+11 Kill at least 2000 monsters.
Veteran Hunter- AGI+3 INT+3 Kill at least 100 monsters.
Veteran Specialist- CRI+4 EVA+4 Complete 30 subquests.