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Destinia Cheats "Unlockable Titles" (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)


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Unlockable Titles

Unlock the following titles with their indicated bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:
Amateur Hunter- AGI+1 INT+1 Kill at least 50 monsters.
Amateur Specialist- CRI+2 EVA+2 Complete 10 subquests.
Aspiring Warrio- Str+3 Agl+3 Achieve Level 10.
Beggar- AGI+1 VIT+1 Obtain at least 100 gold from hunting..
Billionaire- AGI+11 VIT+11 Obtain at least 5000 gold from hunting.
Blacksmith- HIT+2 EVA+2 Craft at least 10 times.
Butcher- AGI+7 INT+7 Kill at least 500 monsters.
Commoner- AGI+3 VIT+3 Obtain at least 200 gold from hunting.
Errand Runner- CRI+1 EVA+1 Complete 5 subquests.
Expert Blacksmith- HIT+3 EVA+3 Craft at least 20 times.
Expert Killer- AGI+9 INT+9 Kill at least 1000 monsters.
Expert Specialist- CRI+3 EVA+3 Complete 20 subquests.
God of Money- AGI+15 VIT+15 Obtain at least 10000 gold from hunting.
God of Quests- CRI+8 EVA+8 Complete 60 subquests.
Hercules- Str+9 Agl+9 Achieve Level 60.
Hero- Str+5 Agl+5 Achieve Level 20.
Legendary Warrior- Str+15 Agl+15 Achieve Level 99.
Master Specialist- CRI+5 EVA+5 Complete 40 subquests.
Middle Class- AGI+5 VIT+5 Obtain at least 500 gold from hunting.
Millionaire- AGI+9 VIT+9 Obtain at least 2000 gold from hunting.
Newbie Blacksmith- HIT+1 EVA+1 Craft at least 5 times.
Novice- Str+1 Agl+1 Achieve Level 5.
Reputed Warrior- Str+7 Agl+7 Achieve Level 40.
Rich- AGI+7 VIT+7 Obtain at least 1000 gold from hunting.
Slater- AGI+5 INT+5 Kill at least 200 monsters.
Super Hero- Str+11 Agl+11 Achieve Level 80.
Supreme Specialist- CRI+6 EVA+6 Complete 50 subquests.
Ultimate Slayer- AGI+11 INT+11 Kill at least 2000 monsters.
Veteran Hunter- AGI+3 INT+3 Kill at least 100 monsters.
Veteran Specialist- CRI+4 EVA+4 Complete 30 subquests.

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