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Debug mode

Pause game play, then tap the top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, bottom left, and bottom right corners in order to display a debug menu with options to enable the following:

God mode
give all items
change maps
no clipping mode
disable AI
skip mini-games
toggle one shot kills
various selections

1 year ago

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Doom 2 RPG iPhone/iTouch/iPad Q&A

The game never really makes it clear enough. Anyone know?

Answer from N3M3SIS

There's no solid documentation online, but based on my experience: -Strength (definitely) affects to a small extent how much you can manipulate your environment (i.e. lift sinks) and (probably) how much damage you can do with melee combat. -Agility (prob

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Answer from N3M3SIS

ably) affects how often enemies miss you with attacks. -Accuracy affects how often you miss enemies with attacks. -Defense (probably) effects how much damage you take from attacks. -IQ (maybe) affects how useful the clues you get the Hacking minigame will

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