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10 patients cured (50) Strategy
20 patients cured (75) Strategy
5 patients cured (25) Strategy
85% infection removed (15) Strategy
90% infection removed (25) Strategy
Destroyed a bacterium (25) Talent
Destroyed a virus (25) Talent
Destroyed three viruses at once (75) Talent
Destroyed two bacteria at once (40) Talent
Destroyed two viruses at once (50) Talent
First patient cured (10) Luck
Level won in under 10s (25) Talent
Level won in under 20s (15) Talent
Level won in under 5s (50) Talent
No-death victory (40) Talent
Rank: Doctor AWESOME (100) Endurance
Rank: Expert Microsurgeon (50) Strategy
Rank: Junior Resident (10) Discovery
Rank: Specialist (25) Talent
Single cut victory (20) Strategy

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