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Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies Cheats "Achievements" (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)


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Blood Berserk! (10) Perform 20 Bloody Berserk!! Combos
Bloodbath! (5) Perform 60 Bloodbath!! Combos
Boatswain Killer (25) Kill 500 Boatswains
Brute Killer (25) Kill 500 Brutes
Can’t Stop Slashing (25) Kill 5000 Pirate Monkey Zombies
Captain Killer (25) Kill 500 Captains
Combo Fanatic (10) Perform 100 Combos
Combo Is My Life (25) Perform 3000 Combos
Combo Lover (5) Perform 200 Combos
Defeater Of Death (50) Complete Survival 45 Mode
Defender (25) Reach 25th Wave
Grand Defender (50) Reach 50th Wave
Hard Boiled (10) Last for 5 minutes in Hardcore Mode
Hyper Mega Ultimate Ninja Slasher! (50) Perform Hyper Mega Ultimate Ninja Slasher!! Combo
I Am Hardcore! (25) Last for 10 minutes in Hardcore Mode
Is It Even Possible? (100) Last for 15 minutes in Hardcore Mode
It’s A Flesh wound (25) Complete one of the Survival Modes with 75% of life
It’s Just The Beginning (10) Kill 500 Pirate Monkey Zombies
Lubber Killer (25) Kill 500 Lubbers
Mass Slasher! (10) Perform 10 Mass Slasher!! Combos
Mastah! (100) Perform No One Did Before!! Combo
Master Of Survival (25) Complete Survival 30 Mode
Mega Ultimate Slasher! (25) Perform Mega Ultimate Slash!! Combo
Multikill! (5) Perform 75 Multikill!! Combos
Not Even A Scratch (100) Complete one of the Survival Modes with 90% of life
Slaughter! (10) Perform 30 Slaughter!! Combos
Survivalist (10) Complete Survival 15 Mode
Swift Dodger (25) Complete 8 waves without being wounded
The First One Is The Most Difficult (5) Kill one Pirate Monkey Zombie
Trail Of Blood (50) Kill 10000 Pirate Monkey Zombies
True Ninja Slash! (5) Perform 100 True Ninja Slash!! Combos
Untouchable (100) Complete 16 waves without being wounded

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