Epic War TD iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 4

Game Center achievements

Arms Dealer (50 points) Earn 500,000 dollars on prohibited weapon deals.
Beggar (5 points) You earned 5,000 dollars and you don't beg for money any more.
Combatant (20 points) Deal 1,000,000 damage to become Combatant.
Commander (30 points) Deal 5,000,000 damage to become Commander.
Defense Apprentice (20 points) Win game on Easy and let no enemies escape.
Defense Magister (50 points) Win game on Hard and let no enemies escape.
Defense Master (30 points) Win game on Normal and let no enemies escape.
General (50 points) Deal 10,000,000 damage to become General.
King of Defense (100 points) Win game on Insane and let no enemies escape.
Moneybag (70 points) Earn 1,000,000 dollars to become a Moneybag.
Moneymaker (30 points) Earn 100,000 dollars.
Poor (10 points) You earned 10,000 dollars and you are Poor now.
Rookie (5 points) You dealt 10,000 damage and you are now Rookie.
Soldier of Fortune (100 points) Earn 5,000,000 dollars to make a fortune.
Still Poor (20 points) Earn 50,000 dollars.
Still Rookie (10 points) You dealt 100,000 damage but you are still Rookie.
Unholy Devastator (100 points) Deal 50,000,000 damage to become Unholy Devastator.
War General (70 points) Deal 25,000,000 damage to become War General.