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Ultimate Team hints

To avoid the most common mistakes that pushes players away from this amazing mode, check out the following general hints:

Plan your team
Instead of just buying and selling whoever you feel like, make wise decisions with your roster to build your team efficiently.

Use quality resources
The internet holds plenty of great resources dedicated to giving you information you need to be an effective team-builder. Considering that your opponents are probably doing this, it is suggested you do so as well.

Start offline
Resist the urge to go online right away or else you’ll find yourself matched up with players with great teams that can quickly turn you off of the mode. Start with the Starter Cup under Single Player Tournaments. This tournament is on Amateur and has no squad requirements, giving you an easy 2,000 coins on top of the 3,000 you are given at the start of the game. With 5,000 coins you’ll have a great starting amount.

The following color line indicated the corresponding chemistry: Red means the players have no connection, Yellow means the players have one connection (either from the same country, league, or team), and Green means the players have two or more of the aforementioned connections.

Use the Transfer market wisely
Instead of just hopping in and buying whoever, check sites like to figure out affordable players that will best fit your squad. In FIFA 14 you can finally search by name, making things much easier. This takes practice but eventually you'll figure out how to detect good deals from bad ones.

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