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Game Center achievements

1337 Master Sink 1337 ships.
Ace Sink 25 ships.
Admiral Win 1000 games.
Auto Pilot Automatically place your ship 100 times.
Cabin Boy Lose 100 games.
Captain Win 500 games.
Captain's Log Lose 500 games.
Cheat Master Miss in every square possible in a game (83 misses).
Commander Win 250 games.
Deck Hand Lose 10 games.
Dishwasher Lose 25 games.
Eagle Eye Win a game without missing a shot.
Ensign Win 50 games.
Fail Boat Captain Lose 1 game.
Fleet Master Sink 560 ships.
Gunner Sink 135 ships.
Legally Blind Lose a game without hitting any opponents ships.
Lieutenant Win 100 games.
Lucky Shot Battleship Sink your opponents battleship in your first 4 shots.
Lucky Shot Carrier Sink your opponents carrier in your first 5 shots.
Lucky Shot Frigate Sink your opponents frigate in your first 3 shots.
Lucky Shot Minesweeper Sink your opponents minesweeper in your first 2 shots.
Lucky Shot Submarine Sink your opponents submarine in your first 3 shots.
Petty Officer Win 25 games.
Poop Deck Hand Lose 750 games.
Poseidon Sink 1024 ships.
Read Admiral Lose 1000 games.
Sea Man Win 10 games.
Sharp Shooter Sink 75 ships.
Smee Lose 250 games.
Untouchable Win without any of your ships getting hit.
Warm Fuzzies Win 1 game.

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