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Gamebook Adventures 2: The Siege Of The Necromancer iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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General Hints

Take Notes
  • If you have any real notepads handy or just notepad on your computer, take note of things to help you remember what happens when you choose certain options. You only need to note down 'Go North = +3 gold, Go to Puffin Enclosure' once, and then when you reach that point next time, you'll know exactly where you've been, what items you'll get, and what new things to try.

Dice Nudging
  • When rolling dice, either tap or 'shake' to roll. If you see results you don't want, give your iDevice a quick shake to get a free re-roll! You can only 're-roll' once in most cases though, so it's not a guaranteed cheat, but it certainly gives you a higher chance.

  • Once you've played the game long enough to know exactly how to get to the true ending in the best possible way, there is no reason to play with a fitness of anything lower than 12 (the maximum). If you just need to hit the ending, keep re-rolling a character until you get that maximum fitness! At the very end of the game, the weapons and armour can require you to have a high fitness to even use them, and battles will require you to roll fitness just to get the chance to damage enemies. In short, any fitness will do when playing for fun and exploration! However, the best possible fitness is near-necessary to survive reaching the true ending.

Try Different Routes
  • It can be easy for someone new to gamebooks to be misled into sticking to 'bad routes' every time they play, and never trying the other (possibly better) choices

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