Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 2

Vigilante missions hint

Just like in the original, when chasing down a criminal, opening and then closing the menu causes the criminal to stop and exit the vehicle, making them an easy target.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Note: This requires a device that supports a keyboard, such as a real keyboard with a tablet or virtual keyboard on a phone. On some devices you can hold Menu for a virtual keyboard to appear. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes while paused:

100% armor (patched version) tortoise
100% armor (unpatched version) turtoise
All pedestrians attack you nobodylikesme
All weapons gunsgunsguns
Change costume ilikedressingup
Clear weather skincancerforme
Cloudy weather ilikescotland
Crazy pedestrians itsallgoingmaaad
Destroy all cars bangbangbang
Disable invisible cars notanicesetofwheels
Disable pedestrians fighting each other noweaponsforall
Extra money ifiwerearichman
Faster game play boooooring
Flying car chittychittybb
Foggy weather peasoup
Full health gesundheit
Gore mode nastylimbscheat 
Higher wanted level morepoliceplease
Improved car handling; press [Shift] to jump cornerslikemad
Invisible cars; wheels only anicesetofwheels
Lower wanted level nopoliceplease
Pedestrians fighting each other weaponsforall
Rainy weather ilovescotland
Tank (Rhino) giveusatank
Time advances quicker timeflieswhenyou
Toggle very fast game clock madweather