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Game Center achievements

A Gun Rack Purchase 8 guns from the store.
Alpha Complete Revolution 1 on any planet.
Annihilator Service 50,000 targets.
Aristocrat Saved 20,000 coins.
Come Again! Purchase any item in the store.
Destroyer Service 20,000 targets.
Fashionista Purchase 20 armor pieces from the store.
Heavy Hitter Service 1,000 targets with heavy weapons.
Hero Reach level 50.
Legend Reach level 100.
Omega Complete Revolution 10 on any planet.
Peon Saved 5,000 coins.
Perfect 100 Complete 100 unique perfect waves.
Perfect 20 Complete 20 unique perfect waves.
Perfect 5 Complete 5 unique perfect waves.
Pistoleer Service 1,000 targets with pistols.
Power Hour Purchase 60 power ups form the store.
Ravager Service 5,000 targets.
Rifleman Service 1,000 targets with rifles.
Rookie Reach level 5.
Royalty Saved 100,000 coins.
Shotgunner Service 1,000 targets with shotguns.
Spec Ops Service 1,000 targets with special weapons.
Spreader Service 1,000 targets with spread guns.
Vandal Service 100 targets.
Veteran Reach level 20.

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Gun Bros iPhone/iTouch/iPad Q&A

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