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General Hints

  • Always hunt for troops when you are not actively farming, attacking, or cropping as there is always someone out there scouting bases and reporting them to alliance members that might be close. Troops in your base = guaranteed attack

  • Hide your crops. If you have enough available people, go to the marketplace and sell all your resourses for insane prices. No one can buy them and no one can raid them from your base if they are on the market. This will prevent farming.

  • Conserve coins. When you first start a new server, get 1 week VIP. You should save your coins from there. If you do NOT plan on buying Haypi Coins then you will need these extra coins when you goto upgrade some buildings past level 15. Also Enhancments will use your coins along with opening special chests.

  • Etiquette is important as the community that plays this game likes to troll people who disagree with the norm. You will be farmed daily if you get blackballed.

  • Log In Daily. If you only have that one minute to spare, do it after your daily gift. A few days of learning and you will know when the daily gift is given to you.

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Haypi Kingdom iPhone/iTouch/iPad Q&A

I've tried reaching but I was just wondering if there was a limit.

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