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Game Center achievements

All Star Finished 500 missions.
Apprentice Finished 50 missions.
Big Harvest Harvested 10 crystals.
Big Spender Spend 25 hero credits.
Bright Acquired 5 powers.
Charming Add 50 friends.
Crystal Farmer Harvested 50 crystals.
Crystal King Harvested 500 crystals.
Crystal Monger Harvested 200 crystals.
Fighter Wono 10 battles.
Filthy Rich Spent 500,000 coins in the store.
First Harvest Harvested 1 crystal.
First Outfit Purchased 1 full outfit.
Flamboyant Victory Defeated Flamberella.
Friendly Have 5 friends.
Hero Power Max out 1 power.
Heroic Spender Spend 50 hero credits.
Ingenious Acquired 10 powers.
Invincible Won 100 battles.
Maximum Power Max out 20 powers.
Miraculous Victory Defeated Miraculo.
Newbie Finished 5 missions.
Shopaholic Spent 5,000 coins in the store.
Shopper Spent 500 coins in the store.
Social Have 20 friends.
Spending Credits Spend 5 hero credits.
Suited Up Purchase 10 full outfits.
Super Power Max out 10 powers.
Talented Acquired 20 powers.
Tutorial Completed the tutorial.
Valiant Victory Defeated Velcron.
Very popular Add 100 friends.
Veteran Finished 100 missions.
Warrior Won 50 battles.
Wealthy Spent 50,000 coins in the store.
Well Dressed Purchase 25 full outfits.
Winner Won a battle.

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