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General Hints

Easy Money
Get an automatic 500 gold balls simply by adding 20 people to your friends list (through the "Celebrity" achievement). In fact...

Use achievements to earn gold balls.
It will take you ages to gain them through the game. Simply aim to get as many achievements as possible and you'll have uber gear in no time.

Control > Power
The hardest part of each pitch is actually hitting the ball to make it a homerun, not getting the longest distance. So while having plenty of monster hits may sound nice, you can't really get them unless you hit a homerun. Getting items with CON will help with the accuracy of hitting homeruns so focus on those before PWR.

Timing is everything
The aiming cursor doesn't affect the power of the hit or where in the field you hit it much . Like with real life baseball, it's all about the timing. If you hit it too soon, you'll foul left, too late, you'll foul right. If you hit it perfectly, it'll go straight down the center. Practice your timing and you'll soon get a hang of how the game plays!

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