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District Seals and Capitol seal locations

Find the following seals by searchign the corresponding locations:
Capitol Girl Mannequin (The Prep Room)
District 1 Jewelry Stand (Market Place)
District 10 Prim's Goat (Bakery) or the Chicken (Seam)
District 11 Apple Trees (Forest Escape), Strawberry (F.E.), or the Tractor (Village)
District 12 Mine Entrance (Coal Mines)
District 2 Cottage (Village) or the House (Seam)
District 3 Gadgets Stand (Market Place)
District 4 Fish Barrel (Hob) or at the Pond (Forest Escape)
District 5 Electricity Pole (School Yard)
District 6 The Terminal (Capitol Train Station) or any Train Car (Train yard)
District 7 Woodpile (Lake)
District 8 Capitol Couture Stand (Market Place) or the Clothes (Hob)
District 9 Grain Sacks (Bakery)

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