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Game Center achievements

3×50 (30 points) In any single level, purge at least 150 enemies, killing a minimum of 50 with each weapon type.
Aint No Rookie (10 points) Complete the boot-camp without taking damage.
All Hail The G Man (50 points) Complete 40 pages of endurance in hard mode.
Army Of One (50 points) Kill 10,000 martians.
Boom Boom (30 points) Use a launcher weapon to kill 10 martians in a single blast.
Completist (40 points) Complete the game in all three difficulty settings.
Crispy (10 points) Purchase the lightning gun.
Fully Loaded (40 points) Get 2000 rounds of ammo into your minigun.
Getting Started (10 points) Kill 1,500 martians.
Gifted (10 points) Complete 10 pages of endurance in easy mode.
Hat Trick (30 points) Upgrade all three weapon-types in a single visit to a vending machine.
High Flier (20 points) Collect all meteor rocks in a chapter.
Home Coming (20 points) Complete the army-base chapter.
Ka-boom (10 points) Purchase the plasma launcher.
Martian Purger (30 points) Kill 5,000 martians.
Mean Streets (30 points) Complete the city chapter.
No Sweat (20 points) Complete 20 pages of endurance in normal mode.
Pacifist (30 points) Complete a level without firing a weapon or receiving any damage.
Rooted (40 points) In story mode, city chapter, defend one spot turning left and right, but don’t move for 2 mins.
Rush-a-holic (40 points) Grab all rush crates in story mode.
Space Marine (10 points) Complete the Moon chapter.
Super Market Sweep (40 points) Buy all available items in a single visit to a vending machine.
Sustain (30 points) Purge 50 enemies in a single beam-attack (one press of the fire button points).
To The Teeth (30 points) Purchase all weapons.
Vending Machine Ping Pong (30 points) In story mode, army-base chapter, access both vending machines, alternating between them 5 times.
Yeah Baby (10 points) Purchase the minigun.

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