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General Hints

Nobility Points
When you download the iVampires app you may be able to get a special where you get free nobility points. Sure, you could purchase 400 for 20 dollars, but you can get 25 for free when you try the other games by the same maker. Bear in mind that this does not mean you have to keep the new game if you do not enjoy it. Install it, open it, play for a few seconds, then open iVampires and check your messages. This strategy will only work if you download the app through one of the ads in the iVampires game. You fill find them on The Ancients screen.

Grow Your Clan
The size of your clan will determine both the quests that you can take on and how likely you are to win in combats. The more clan members that you have, the better your chances are of winning in combats. After level 10, you will also notice that more and more of your mission involve groups. You can invite people that you know, or just people who happen to be in your geographic area. To do this, use the Location button on your Invite screen. The system will search for local players. Then all you have to do is tap on their name to invite them. Since you cannot see anything about their stats before you invite them, it is kind of random. You may end up with a new level 1 ally, or a level 100 ally. You may also get requests from people you don't know. Accept them since they will grow your clan by default. You will not take any damage from their fights, but you may end up with a lot of messages from active clan leaders.

Wait It Out
Occasionally you can't afford to heal artificially using your nobility points. When this happens just close the game and walk away. Unlike many other games if you walk away, in time you will be healed. This may be annoying if you wanted a long play session. This will also work if you are short on fury or energy. Handy count downs are provided below each of these numbers. Just in case you are impatient. It can also help with blood (your money in the game) but you will restore blood much quicker if you own property.

Invest in Property and Build On it
Investing in properties and building on them may cost you a bit in up keep, but it also gives you certain advantages, like extra blood, which allows you to purchase abilities. If you get stuck on a level, try property. Property can be expensive, so unless you have a lot of blood stored up, it is better to purchase in small steps. Since you need a piece of land before you can purchase a building, this is the best strategy for getting your property.

Pick Your Battles
Combat is how you gain experience, but not all combat is equal. If, you want to win the combat, and you do want to win, then you have to choose your opponents wisely. The combat screen will give you little to go on about your choice of enemies, but the combat is all determined by a formula. The specifics of that formula have not been released, but following these general guides for picking an enemy will increase your chances of winning:

  • Level: You will not be able yo pick an enemy with a level lower than your most of the time. You may be able to pick enemies with a level higher than yours. As a general rule, advoid these enemies. Always pick an enemy on the same level as your vampire.

  • Clan Size: A person with the larger clan will almost always win. A difference of one or two vampires probably will not be an issue, but stay away from any enemies with an advantage of five or more vampires.

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