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Fast coins hint

This requires messing with the Date & Time setting on your device. Without any apps open, go to Open Settings and toggle Wifi off. Then go to Settings, General, Date & Time, and set the Set Auto Toggle OFF. Set it a few hours later and open Knight Storm. Then, go to Castle to find that your stuff is full and says "Time has been disrupted, Need Internet". Now double-click Home to open Multitask, go to Settings, and toggle Wifi on. Once done, go OPEN KNIGHT STORM FROM MULTITASK. You can then harvest everything this way.

11 months ago

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Recommended Sigil Tactics

Fire > Wind/Electricity
Attack > Target
Attacking Defense > Att, Def, (Att/Tgt)

Wind/Electricity > Earth
Defense > Attack
Attacking Target > Def, Tgt, (Def/Tgt)

Earth > Fire
Target > Attack
Defending Target > Att, Def (Att/Def)

11 months ago

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