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Labyrinth 2 iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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Game Center achievements

Across Brooklyn... Roll the ball 1825 m (1996 yards).
Afraid of germs 10 levels without touching anything.
Anti-dentite 100 levels without falling into a hole.
Around the house Roll the ball 75 m (82 yards).
Beat the maker Beat the level creator's time 10 times.
Beginner's luck Complete 1 easy level pack.
Better than your friends Win 100 mulitplayer games.
Cannon fodder Get shot by the cannon 200 times.
Committed Play for 2 hours.
Creme de la creme Win 100 multiplayer games.
Dedicated Play for 8 hours.
Dental phobia 50 levels without falling into a hole.
Down Lombard Street Roll the ball 400 m (437 yards).
Fabulicious Win 20 multiplayer games in a row.
Family dinner Play 15 multiplayer games.
Final destination Get 30 award.
Get a life Play for 24 hours.
Getting the hang... Complete 1 medium level pack.
Graduate Complete all official level packs.
House party Play 150 multiplayer games.
In a jiffy Beat the level creator's time 250 times.
Keeping it real Beat the level creator's time 10 times.
Master baller Complete 50 hard level packs.
Never last picked Complete 20 medium level packs.
On a roll Win 10 multiplayer games in a row.
Pinball mania Hit a bumper 2000 times.
Preschool Complete the tutorial.
Pretty pretty good Complete 50 medium level packs.
Pro Baller Complete 5 hard level packs.
Road Sign Get 10 awards.
Short stop diner Get 20 awards.
Steady on the grind Complete 15 easy level packs.
Swiss cheese Fall into a hole 2000 times..
Veteran baller Complete 25 hard level packs.
World domination Beat the level creator's time 10 times.
You need therapy 40 levels without touching anything.

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Labyrinth 2 iPhone/iTouch/iPad Q&A

Answer from iwishiwasajedi

Roll your ball over the second to the bottom red button, then drop the ball straight across into the hole.

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