Mega Man X iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 5

Mega Man Fireball

Geart Tanks, Sub-Tanks, enemy weapons, and power-ups are required. Go to Armored Armadillo's level. Reach the final mine cart, which launches you through the air at the end of the level. Just before reaching the wall, jump up and climb the wall. At the top, there will be a large Energy Unit. Get it, and then jump into the pit and die. Repeat this step five times. On the fifth time through, a capsule will appear on that same ledge. Dr. Light will then give you a Ryu-style fireball for Mega Man to use.

Rating 5


100-Yard Dash! (15 pts) Obtain Leg parts.
2 of Hearts (15pts) Obtain 2 Health Boost hearts.
3 of Hearts (15pts) Obtain 3 Health Boost hearts.
4 of Hearts (15pts) Obtain 4 Health Boost hearts.
5 of Hearts (15pts) Obtain 5 Health Boost hearts.
6 of Hearts (15pts) Obtain 6 Health Boost hearts.
7 of Hearts (15pts) Obtain 7 Health Boost hearts.
8 of Hearts (15pts) Obtain 8 Health Boost hearts.
Ace of Hearts (15pts) Obtain 1 Health Boost heart.
Bubbly Bat (20 pts) Defeat a Batton M-501.
Captain of the Seas (15 pts) Defeat Launch Octopus using his greatest weakness.
Carnivorous Tank (15 pts) Defeat D-Rex using his greatest weakness.
Daring Collector (20 pts) Pick up the items on top of the spikes in Sigma's Palace, Pt. 3.
Dawn of Destiny (15 pts) Defeat Sigma's second form using his greatest weakness.
Demon of Dimensions (15 pts) Defeat Boomer Kuwanger using his greatest weakness.
Emperor of Ice (15 pts) Defeat Chill Penguin using his greatest weakness.
End of an Era (15 pts) Defeat Sigma using his greatest weakness.
Energy Mine Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Armored Armadillo's stage.
Flashy Firefly (20 pts) Defeat a Hotarion.
Forest Base Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Sting Chameleon's stage.
Fortress Tower Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Boomer Kuwanger's stage.
General of Steel (15 pts) Defeat Armored Armadillo using his greatest weakness.
Hadoken! (20 pts) Obtain the ability to perform Hadokens.
Hard-Headed (15 pts) Obtain Helmet Parts.
Heartless Hunter (25 pts) Defeat any Boss within 10 seconds.
Insurance Plan A (15 pts) Obtain Subtank A
Insurance Plan B (15 pts) Obtain Subtank B
Insurance Plan C (15 pts) Obtain Subtank C
Insurance Plan D (15 pts) Obtain Subtank D
Intro Stage Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear the Intro stage.
Item Hater (30 pts) Clear Story mode without picking up a single item that was dropped by an enemy.
Loyal Wolf (15 pts) Defeat Velguarder using his greatest weakness.
Master of the Forest (15 pts) Defeat Sting Chameleon using his greatest weakness.
Maverick Hunter (30 pts) Clear Story mode using only the X-Buster.
Merciful Hunter (25 pts) Make it to any Boss without firing a single shot.
Nerves of Steel (30 pts) Clear Story mode without using a single Subtank.
New-Type Airport Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Storm Eagle's stage.
Nimble-Footed (25 pts) Clear any 1 of the 8 Maverick's stages without taking any damage.
Oceanic Base Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Launch Octopus's stage.
Oil Well Sealer (20 pts) Sever Flame Mammoth's trunk.
Oligarch of Oil (15 pts) Defeat Flame Mammoth using his greatest weakness.
Power Plant Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Spark Mandrill's stage.
Prince of the Skies (15 pts) Defeat Storm Eagle using his greatest weakness.
S-A Class Hunter (30 pts) Defeat every boss without taking any damage.
Sigma's Palace, Pt. 1 Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Part 1 of Sigma's Palace.
Sigma's Palace, Pt. 2 Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Part 2 of Sigma's Palace.
Sigma's Palace, Pt. 3 Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Part 3 of Sigma's Palace.
Sigma's Palace, Pt. 4 Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Part 4 of Sigma's Palace.
Snowy Fields Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Chill Penguin's stage.
Solitary Rogue (15 pts) Defeat Vile using his greatest weakness.
Speed Demon (30 pts) Clear Story mode within 60 minutes.
Tangled Web (15 pts) Defeat Bosspider using his greatest weakness.
Tough Guy (15 pts) Obtain Body Parts.
Tsar of Electricity (15 pts) Defeat Spark Mandrill using his greatest weakness.
Unlimited Potential (30 pts) Clear Story mode without picking up a single upgrade.
Unstoppable Firepower (15 pts) Obtain Arm parts.
Wall of Terror (15 pts) Defeat Rangda Bangda using his greatest weakness.
Weapons Plant Reclaimed (10 pts) Clear Flame Mammoth's stage.
Whirlpool Stopper (20 pts) Sever Launch Octopus's tentacles.
Will to Live (30 pts) Clear Story mode without using a single continue.

Rating 3

Subtank Glitch

Obtain three sub-tanks and make sure one of your special weapons has less than full power. Then, with the weapon that has less than full power selected, grab a weapon capsule and quickly hit start. If you did it right, you'll have a fourth sub-tank. Fill it using the same method, just don't over fill or you'll delete it and your third one. It recovers health just like the a normal one.

Rating 3

Armor Upgrades

Unlock the following armor upgrades by performing the corresponding tasks:

Body Upgrade (Armor) Near the start of Sting Chameleon's stage you will come to a pit that you can enter below you to get a Heart Tank or you can jump the pit to enter what looks to be a cave (the ceiling and floor look much rockier). Instead, climb the wall on the right and continue ABOVE the cave to come to a small area that will soon be closed off by falling rocks. You have to fight a mini boss (shoot it in the eye and back) to get the upgrade capsule.
Buster Upgrade (Super Charge) Near the start of Flame Mammoth's level, the stage will force you to go down to continue, followed by a large area with lava on the floor and platforms that the lava will break through (note: the lava will be frozen and can be walked on if Chill Penguin's stage has been cleared). Just before the first platform, breakable blocks can be seen near the ceiling. Dash jump to the blocks and use the helmet and leg upgrades to break them and climb up the wall. The upgrade capsule is in a small room at the top of the wall if you didn't already get the upgrade in Sigma Stage 1 (Zero will give you the upgrade there if you didn't already get it in Flame Mammoth's stage).
Hadouken A special upgrade capsule housing the Hadouken Fireball (complete with X actually yelling "Hadouken!" in a high pitch voice) upgrade can be found in Armored Armadillo's stage after collecting all 4 armor upgrades, all 8 Heart Tanks, and all 4 Sub Tanks. Toward the end of the stage, you'll come across the final platform that you can ride through the mine. Ride the platform until it flies off the track and out of the mine; dash jump off at the highest point and then climb the wall to the right that's directly above the boss gate to Armored Armadillo's room. Grab the big Energy Capsule on top of the cliff above the boss door at the end of the stage and then either exit the stage or die by falling in the pit below. Repeat this five times and a capsule will appear in place of the Energy Capsule; Dr. Light will be dressed as Ryu from Street Fighter II. He will give you the Hadoken. Note: you must have full health to use the Hadouken and that there is about half a second "charge" time where you will be temporarily vulnerable.
Helmet Upgrade (Headbutt)  In Storm Eagle's stage, after the rising/falling platforms you'll come to a tall metal mesh wall/tower that you must climb to proceed. Drop on the right side of the wall (instead of jumping to the next platform at the top of the wall) to find a small area with a ledge that you need to dash jump to get to. Once on the ledge you will see flammable containers in the wall; shoot these with Flame Mammoth's weapon until they explode, then walk into the small room to find the upgrade capsule.
Leg Upgrade (Dash) In Chill Penguin's stage you'll come across the upgrade capsule while progressing through the stage-- it is impossible to miss.

Rating 3

Stronger normal shots

Dash while firing your uncharged X-Buster to deal double damage. This is useful when you don't have time to wait for a shot to charge.

Rating 1

Boss Weaknesses

The following bosses are weak to the corresponding power-up ability:

Armored Armadillo Electric Spark
Boomer Kuwanger Homing Torpedo
Chill Penguin Fire Wave
Flame Mammoth Storm Tornado
Launch Octopus Rolling Shield
Maverick Spider Shotgun Ice
Maverick Tank Boomerang Cutter
Rangda Bangda Chameleon Sting
Sigma Electric Spark
Sigma's Final Form Rolling Shield 
Sigma's Pet Shotgun Ice
Spark Mandrill Shotgun Ice
Sting Chameleon Boomerang Cutter
Storm Eagle Chameleon Sting
Vile Rolling Shield

Rating 0

Z Buster

Go to Sigma stage 1 to get Zero's buster during the stage.

Rating 0

Stage Secrets

Certain stages are a bit different if you beat a certain boss first. If you beat Chill Penguin, the Lava in Flame Mammoth's stage will be frozen. If you beat Storm Eagle, the lights in Spark Mandrill's stage will flicker on and off. If you complete Launch Octopus, Sting Chameleon's stage will be partially flooded.

Rating 0


4 Sub-Tanks, All Turbo Hearts, All Upgrades, All Bosses Defeated 8441 2176 4423
All 4 Subtanks, no armor, no weapons, no hearts 5724 8418 3588
All 4 Tanks, all heart tanks, and all bosses defeated. 2653 3858 7584
All Bosses Defeated: No Leg/Body/Helmet/Buster/Heart/SubTank 4723 2486 1324
All Subtanks & Hearts, NO Armor & Weapons 3748 8612 5524
All Upgrades No bosses Defeated 6485 1146 2321
All Upgrades, All bosses defeated, 1 turbo heart. 5583 4618 5824
All Upgrades, Chill Penguin Defeated, Storm Eagle Defeated 4423 8832 7824
All abilities, heart tanks, sub-tanks, all bosses defeated, Zero's buster 8447 4666 6156
All armor upgrades, subtanks 6624 5468 8588
All bosses defeated 2 turbo hearts 2 subtanks 4653 4688 7884
All bosses except Boomer Kuwanger and Sting Chameleon dead. 2137 3188 8121
All bosses except Sting Chameleon dead. 2556 2582 7114
All powerups and armor upgrades, all bosses beaten the first time through. 3676 4667 5148
All weapons, sub tanks, hearts, and levels completed 8141 2136 4426
Arm Capsule only 4764 8768 7748
Armored Armadillo defeated 5147 8437 4536
Beat the top half, and have collected the power ups on the top half. 7374 2268 6281
Body Capsule only 4764 5788 3748
Boomer Kuwanger defeated 5151 3427 4261
Chill Penguin Defeated 4768 7258 1871
Chill Penguin and Storm Eagle dead. 5286 7136 5124
Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Spark Mandrill, and Armoured Armadillo dead plus slide ability and head capsule. 6431 5168 8171
Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Spark Mandrill, and Armoured Armadillo dead. 2656 5112 3164
Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, and Spark Mandrill dead. 2147 5277 1281
Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, and Flame Mammoth dead. 5337 5377 4171
Everthing unlocked ecxept no beaten Sigma 7431 3842 8523
Everything obtained except Leg Capsule 8441 2336 2421
Final Sigma Level/Last Battle 3733 6838 8744
First mini-level beaten 1764 1488 7748
Flame Mammoth defeated 1573 5232 7264
Full armor, 2 hearts, 2 sub-tanks, Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle and Flame Mammoth deafeated 1447 1838 1271
Get an extra life tank 5447 4177 4536
Have Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Chill Penguin, & Boomer Kuwangtang dead w/ chest, helmet, arms, leg upgrades, 1 sub-tank, & a turbo heart 6111 8747 4181
Head Capsule only 4664 1718 7748
Launch Octopus defeated 1556 6642 7448
Leg Dash No bosses Defeated 5382 8566 2656
Leg Dash, Helmet Enhancement, No Bosses Defeated 4425 7272 3821
Leg Dash,Helmet enhancement with no bosses defeated 1422 1412 7756
No Leg Dash, Chill Penguin Defeated 2653 7248 6488
Opening Stage beat 5385 7136 6321
Spark Mandrill defeated 5131 7358 4181
Sting Chameleon defeated 5385 7136 6861
Storm Eagle defeated 6483 7376 5124
To have all Turbo Hearts, all Sub-Tanks, and all Armor Upgrades with no bosses defeated 3475 5668 2581
Everyone except sting chameleon defeated, 6 heart tanks, 3 armor upgrades, and 3 sub-tanks 8437,2788,8161