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Game Center achievements

Builder Build 10 buildings.
Caravaneer Have 6 units in your caravan.
Collector Collect 20 different goods.
Craftsman Produce 1 craft.
Diplomat Have 10 contracts.
Distiller Collect whiskey, sake, and vodka.
Donkey Lover Own 15 donkeys.
Failed Larcenist Fail at stealing 250 times.
Great Builder Build 25 buildings.
Great Caravaneer Have 12 units in your caravan.
Great Collector Collect 40 different goods.
Great Craftsman Produce 4 different crafts.
Great Larcenist Steal from 25 locations.
Great Rogue Have bad relations with 15 players.
Great Saboteur Sabotage 25 locations.
Great Salesman Fulfill 15 sales requests.
Great Settler Build 4 settlements.
Great Traveler Visit 16 countries.
Great Treasure Hunter Find 40 treasures.
Great Wayfarer Visit 500 locations.
Larcenist Steal from 10 locations.
Master Builder Build 75 buildings.
Master Caravaneer Have 25 units in your caravan.
Master Collector Collect 60 different goods.
Master Craftsman Produce 12 different crafts.
Master Larcenist Steal from 75 locations.
Master Rogue Have bad relations with 40 players.
Master Saboteur Sabotage 50 locations.
Master Salesman Fulfill 45 sales requests.
Master Settler Built 10 settlements.
Master Traveler Visit 50 countries.
Master Treasure Hunter Find 125 treasures.
Master Wayfarer Visit 2000 locations.
Rogue Have bad relations with 5 players.
Saboteur Sabotage 10 locations.
Salesman Fulfill 5 sales requests.
Settler Build 1 settlement.
Sushi Chef Collect salmon filet, trout filet, and white rice.
Traveler Visit 4 countries.
Treasure Hunter Find 15 treasures.
Vegetarian Collect barley, chicpeas, potatoes, rice, and rye.
Wayfarer Visit 100 locations.
Worthy Recieve 25 respects.

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