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Question 01: "Touch the red light"
There are no tricks here. Just touch the red light.

Question 02: "Tap the enemy!"
Tap the red thing 5 times.

Question 03: "Touch 5"
There are 4 razor blades flying aroud, and one staying still at the top. Be careful with the ones that are flying around, because if you miss, you will lose a life.

Question 04: "Touch the north magnet"
There are 2 boxes. Touch the top one in the blue box.

Question 05: "Touch the biggest cloud"
There 5 coulds on the screen, touch the top-right one.

Question 06: "Touch the green water droplet to continue"
There is no green water droplet, so just wait until the level changes

Question 07: "Pop the balloons from right to left"
There are three balloons. Pop them from right to left. Not that hard yet.

Question 08: "Drag the bubble to the non-square"
This one can be a little misleading. There is a circle and 2 quadrilaterals. The one on the right isn't a square, so drag the circle to that one.

Question 09: "Tap the money in this order: 5 (top right), 25, 10,
5 (bottom right)" Memorize the title, because as soon as you click something, the instructions will disappear.

Question 10: "Tap the different image"
There are 4 fish that all look the same, but the bottom-left one has an eyebrow.

Interlude 1:
Congradulations, you have won a little trophy for passing the 10 levels. It also shows a key. Memorize the pattern, it will come in handy later.

Question 11: "Tap the blue square"
There 5 objects on the screen. The one at the bottom-right is the only blue square.

Question 12: "Drag everything to the black hole"
Drag the earth and moon into the swirling black hole in the middle of the screen.

Question 13: "Touch orange, green, blue, then red"
There are 4 balls on the screen with colours that correspond with those in the title; disregard them. Touch the names of the colours in the title.

Question 14: "Cut the wood"
Drag the saw up and down on the wood until you advance to the next level.

Question 15: "Touch the diamond"
There is a triangle, a circle and a square on the screen. Touch the square, which will then rotate and turn into a diamond.

Question 16: "Touch the penguin egg"
Drag the penguin out of the way and click the egg.

Question 17: "Complete the sentence"
A sentence appears on the screen infoming you of three secret. Drag the "!" from the title to the end of this sentence.

Question 18:
There is no title or instructions, just a box, reading "This side up". Tilt the device so the arrow is facing up.

Question 19: "Touch green, yellow, then red"
Another traffic light. Touch the green light then the yellow light but then the red and green will switch places, touch the red.

Question 20: "Remember this guy"
The instructions are somewhat misleading, just memorize which direction his eyes are looking and press the "continue" button.

Interlude 2:
Good job, another trophy, and another hint. "Remember the answer to question 35: fifth ring down" Press "continue" and carry on.

Question 21: "Tap the non-red ninja stars"
Same as question 03, but this time, touch the 4 red ones.

Question 22: "Fill the bucket with water"
Tilt the screen with the cloud on the top, and let the water fill the bucket.

Question 23: "Touch the targets"
There are 3 targets. Touch the targets, but be careful, they repostion every second or so.

Question 24: "Press the green circle to non-advance"
Just don't press the green circle and wait for the round to end. If you do touch it, you will lose a life and be sent back to level 23.

Question 25: "Pop the balloons from bottom to top"
There are 5 balloons. Touch the far left one first, then the far right one, then the one to the left of number 2, then the one near the center, then the last one.

Question 26: "Quickly! Touch the south magent"
This is the same as Question 04, but this time you only have 1 second or so to touch the bottom one.

Question 27: "Put the chocolate chips back"
There is a cookie with 4 chocolate chips missing. The holes and chips are numbered, so just drag the chips to the corresponding holes. Note: it doesn't have to be in any particular order, but a chip won't properly fall into place until the one before it is in place.

Question 28: "Touch green, orange, red, then blue"
This is the same as Question 13, but this time touch the balls, not the title. Be sure to memorize the order, because as soon as you touch one, the title will disappear.

Question 29: "Touch the different image"
There are 6 fish on the screen. All of them are the same, except for the top bubble on the bottom-right fish, which has the white thing (I have no idea what it's called) reversed.

Question 30: "Break the ice to save the penguin"
Just tilt the device back and forward until the ice breaks.

Interlude 3:
Surprise! Another trophy! No hint this time. Press continue to go on. NOTE: In the newest version of this app, this is a checkpoint

Question 31: "Destroy the enemy"
Same as level 2, except the ememy's health increases rapidly, so you have to tap quickly.

Question 32: "Tap the money so the total sum = 55"
Simple math here. Touch the 5 11 times, or 25 twice and 5 once. The total will then change to 75. Touch the 10 twice or the 5 4 times

Question 33: "Which way was the blue guy looking?"
Remember question 20? Well, if you don't, it is the top-right one.

Question 34: "Touch the targets in descending order"
Same as question 23, but this time the targets are numbered. The order is 5-4-3-2-1.

Question 35: "Good thing you remembered"
Remember Interlude 2? Click the fifth ring down on the side.

Question 36: "How many times did the light go on/off?"
Before the level starts a light bulb will flash. It does so 11 times.

Question 37: "Touch the primary coloued balloons"
If you had been paying attention in grade school, you would know it is Red, Blue and Yellow.

Question 38: "Light all the candles; tap to light"
This one is pretty tricky, as they go out fast. Try using two or more fingers.

Question 39: "Move the electric coil"
This one is quite misleading. Disregard the coil, and move the text that says "the electric coil" to reveal a Continue button.

Question 40: "Do the oopsite of question 1"
Touch the Green one.

Interlude 4:
Here, the app will tell you there are 10 more levels. This is a lie.

Question 41: "Memorize the image and tap to continue"
The spots on the moon, there are 7 of them. Then tap the text "to continue"

Question 42: "Replace the bulb with the brightest one"
I have no idea how one is to determine this, but the bottom one is apparently brighter. Drag out the old one in drag the new one in.

Question 43: "You Completed the Game!"
And look, you got a "B". The Game, is lying to you once again, tap continue.

Question 44: "Touch the wrong on, it's actually right"
Touch the red X.

Question 45: "Get the 2nd person back"
2nd person from the back of the line, that is. Drag the ship over to person number 5 and beam him up, Scotty

Question 46: "Open the lock using the right key"
If you had followed the instructions, you would know which one it is. For those of you who didn't, its the bottom one, drag it over and open the lock.

Question 47: "Touch hearts, clubs, diamonds, then spades"
Unfortunately, there are only 2. Touch the heart, then the text "clubs", the text "diamonds" then the spade.

Question 48: "Answer the message"
Press talk to find out that the pin is 220.

Question 49: "Tap the light switch"
Don't see it? Me neither. Follow the hint and tap the right of the screen

Question 50: "Destroy the enemy (no tapping)"
His health rises pretty fast, you you'll have to shake it like a 13 year old boy with a picture of Megan Fox.

Interlude 5:
This time, you get a medal. Ha, no you don't, just another uselss trophy along with a cryptic hint, telling you you are henceforth to be considered "OTHER". Tap continue

Question 51: "Sunny wen to school: what did he not like?"
If I was the sun, I probably wouldn't be into ice cude either, so tap that.

Question 52: "Pick the correct one"
Maybe this is what it means by OTHER? Tap the robot-type guy.

Question 53: "Don't not press the button"
Press the button.

Question 54: "Recharge the battery"
Shake to charge.

Question 55: "Defuse the bomb"
Good thing you remembered that the pin is 220, eh?.

Question 56: "Follow instructions"
Drag the green alien, then the purple one, then the text, then press continue.

Question 57: "Come back at 2:00 to see a special surprise!"
I'll update this to let you know what happens at 2 if I ever remember, in the meantime, tap the TV to continue.

Question 58: "Lift the weight: tap to lift it"
tap fast and repeditively to raise it, and once its high enough, tap continue.

Question 59: "What is this/"
This is "bananas".

Question 60: "Spin the windmill"
Rotate the device clockwise (slowly).

Interlude 6:
Memorize the list of Burger Ingredients: -Bottom Bun -Patty -Ketchup -Lettuce -Tomato -Top Bun Press continue

Question 61: "Take 5 Pizzas"
Tap the whole pizza 5 times.

Question 62: "Follow the instructions"
Don't do anything until "Stop" changes to "Go", then tap it.

Question 63: "Color in the square"
Just remember that grade school anagram for the color spectrum, "ROY G. Biv". Tap: -red -Orange -Yellow -Green -Blue -Indigo -Violet Then Continue

Question 64: "How many craters did the moon have?"
It had 7, but for some reason, 6 is the correct answer.

Question 65: "YOU FAIL!"
The game now tells you you have failed, tap Continue in the top right of the box to continue.

Question 66: "Tap the Cherry"
Drag the left cherry away and tap the remaining one.

Question 67: "Create an e-mail"
Drag the "e" from e-mail to the left of the dash and the envelope to the right.

Question 68: "Assemble the burger using the ingredients you were told earlier"
Luckily, you have them listed a few lines above.

-Bottom Bun
-Top Bun

Question 69: "Hold still for 5 seconds"
Tilt the bubble to the center and hold it still whhile the timer counts down.

Question 70: "Tap the Spork"
Drag the "rk" off to reveal the word is actually "spoon", {which happens to be my name, awesome) and touch the bottom of the fork. Congratulations, you win absolutely nothing, not even a trophy. What you do get is a grade based on your time.

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