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Brutus hint

This is a way to grow more quickly without having to buy Berserker potions . With the "Pack God Mode" you are free to change Dojo (or to leave and return always the same) every three days to be able to exploit permanently the bonus of double experience. Thanks to the function of the "Pack God Mode" that allows you to erase the brutes individually, you can try to obtain a specific weapon/Skill /animal you want. Do the following:

  • Create a Brutus. Do not take care of his appearance or name. If things go the right you will have all the time to fix it (including sex).
  • Looking for a Brutus of Level 1 is one of Level 2 that are extremely easy to beat.
  • Thanks to the experience double you can reach level 5 very quickly (also losing one of the six fights available) Note: you are not obliged to watch each battle. Simply press "Pause " and "Return to Base" to get instantly the result of the clash.
  • The first battle is always the most uncertain. Freely used the potion of the incredible Bulk that you have in inventory!
  • All this will give you 4 chance of obtaining the premium that you are looking for .
  • Nothing interesting? Erased the Brutus and start again.

The negative aspect is the impossibility of determining the probability of getting a certain prize.

10 months ago

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