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Ninjatown: Trees Of Doom! iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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1,000 Meters Climb 1,000 meters in Classic Mode.
10,000 Meters Climb 10,000 meters in Classic Mode.
100 Meters Climb 100 meters in Classic Mode.
2,000 Meters Climb 2,000 meters in Classic Mode.
250 Meters Climb 250 meters in Classic Mode.
5,000 Meters Climb 5,000 meters in Classic Mode.
500 Meters Climb 500 meters in Classic Mode.
Aerophobia Climb 1,000 meters in Classic Mode without using a height boosting powerup.
Anti-Gravity Fall off the tree as Anti-Ninja.
Baby Ninja Fall off the tree below 20 meters.
Chain Smoker Collect 3 smoke bombs in a row without collecting any other kind of powerup.
Cuckoo Let the clock drop to 1 second in Timed Mode, then recover.
Great Ape Grab 1,000 branches over multiple games.
Great Balls Of Fire Trigger 10 fireballs in one game.
Hurried Up Climb 250 meters without stopping for more than a second at a time.
Kicking The Habit Collect 3 smoke bombs in a row without collecting any other kind of powerup, then chew a pack of gum to break the addiction.
Lunatic Observe all phases of the moon.
Moonwalker Travel 10 meters backwards while the moon is visible.
Night Owl Climb 500 meters in a single night.
Ol' Monkey Ninja Climb 30 meters using only branches and mushrooms.
Power Overwhelming Collect 50 of each powerup over multiple games.
Purple Pain Collide with Dark Syrup or get hit by Syrup Devils a total of 50 times over multiple games.
Red Baron Fly a total of 2,500 meters as Super Ninja over multiple games.
Rocket Man Climb a total of 100,000 meters over multiple games.
Stop! Ninjatime! Collect 5 Ninjatime Hourglasses in one game.
Sundown Travel 1,000 meters before the sun sets for the first time without using the 1,000 Meter Bomb.
Survive 1 Minute Survive for 1 minute in Timed Mode.
Survive 10 Minutes Survive for 10 minutes in Timed Mode.
Survive 5 Minutes Survive for 5 minutes in Timed Mode.
Treadmill Touch nothing but slippery bark for 30 consecutive seconds.
Ultra-Violet Collect 5 bubble gum shields in one game without allowing any of them to pop.
Violet Collect 3 bubble gum shields in one minute or less.

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Pink Costume

At the menu, tap on the sleeping ninja in the bottom right hand corner to get a pink costume.

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