Pix'n Love Rush iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 3

Game Center achievements

Absolute Zero Finish a timed game with less than 10000 points.
Afternoon Delight Win a game in the afternoon.
Angel Hunter Kill 5 angels in a single level.
Crack Shot No misfired shots throughout a timed game.
Demon Slayer Kill every single Evil Bat in a timed game.
Eye of the Tiger Lay your eyes on each and every visual style the game features.
Gran' Finale Finish a timed game at maximum Combo level.
Heart of Gold Take 100 "+" and nothing else in a row.
Interactive Pixels Thank you for supporting Interactive Pixels!
Kamikaze Shoot yourself 5 times in a single level.
Loose canon Shoot more than 2000 shots in a timed game.
Loser Start over during the first level! Loser!
Lucky You You are soooooo lucky my friend... and you don't even know why!
Manners You have cursed enough to earn this achievement.
Mega-chievement Get all revealed achievements.
Moonlight Shadow Win a game after midnight.
Morning Glory Win a game before noon.
Perfecto! Perfect!
Share the Love! Have 5 different names in your Local High Scores Board.
SuperPlay Score more than 2500000 points. Good luck.
The Cake Really Exists... ...and it's pixilicious...
Ultra-chievement Get all revealed achievements... and all the hidden ones... Muhahahaha...