Plants vs. Zombies iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 9

Easy completion of "Last Stand"

Make sure you have at least eight slots of seed before starting. Select the following plants: Repeaters, Gatling Peas, Tall Nuts, Tangle Kelps, Lily Pads, Torchwoods, Coffee Beans, and Magnet-Shrooms, Afterward, set the following layout: put two Repeaters from the back columns on every row (except the pool), only one Repeater on the back columns on every pool row (use Lily Pads first), then change the Repeaters on the pool to become Gatling Peas. Put Torchwoods in front of the Repeaters and Gatling Peas (on the pool use Lily Pads first), then give the space a column and plant the Magnet-Shrooms on the lawn only. Wake them up with Coffee Beans and, front of the Magnet-Shrooms on the lawn, plant the Tall Nuts. Note: Plant the Tangle Kelps on the last time. The layout should appear as follows. R R T M N R R T M N ------------------------ G T K K K K G T K K K K ------------------------ R R T M N R R T M N R = Repeaters G = Gatling Peas T = Torchwoods K = Tangle Kelps M = Magnet-Shrooms that have been awakened N = Tall-Nuts -Select the following plants (at least eight slots required): Pumpkin, Lilypad, Magnet-Shroom, Gold Magnet, Marigold, Doom-Shroom, Coffee Bean, and Wall-Nut. Fill the remaining slots with plants of your choice. Use the following layout for an easy victory. First, put Pumpkins on the first three Marigolds starting from the Wall-Nut, except the Marigold on the pool. Make sure not to put any Pumpkins on the pool. Start the game. If you have enough sun power, put a Doom-Shroom in to replace with the thing in the two Gold Magnets, then awaken the Doom-Shroom with a Coffee Bean. M M M M M M M M W M M M M M M M M W M M M M G M M M W M M M M G M M M W M M M M M M M M W M M M M M M M M W M = Marigold P = Pumpkin L = Lily Pad W = Wall-Nut A = Magnet-Shroom G = Gold Magnet D = Doom-Shroom C = Coffee Bean -Follow the proceeding formation to make things easy. Note: Upgrade Repeaters to Gatling Peas when you have sufficient sun power. MP RMS T MP RMS T MP RMS T MP RMS T MP RMS T MP RMS T MP = Melon-Pult R = Repeater MS = Magnet-Shroom T = Tall-Nut