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Pride And Prejudice And Zombies iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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Game Center achievements

2D Satan Elements Perform the Pentagram of Death.
Animality Complete Chapter 5.
Belle of the Ball Complete Chapter 1.
Blood Everywhere Dismember 1,000 zombies.
Bloodmistress of Pemberley Complete Chapter 10.
Bronze Warrior Earn a bronze medal.
Check Please! Defeat Long Tom Onion.
Defensive Driver Complete Chapter 6.
Dietrich Did It! Set the carriage on fire.
England's Greatest Warrior Defeat Lady Catherine.
Family Honor Complete Chapter 12.
Fart App Rich Collect $1,000,000 total.
Friendly Coercion Persuade Mr. Wickham into marriage.
Gold Warrior Earn a gold medal.
Good Luck With That Earn platinum medals on all levels.
Hell's Kitchen Complete Chapter 4.
Hobo Rich Collect $50 total.
Hot Date Give your reply to Mr. Darcy's proposal.
Master of the Art Perform every special move in the game.
Mr. Moneybags Collect $100,000 total.
Nurturing Sister Complete Chapter 2.
Penitent Soul Complete Chapter 9.
Pepto Kill 50 fat zombies.
Platinum Warrior Earn a platinum medal.
Regal Ultimate Power Kill 50 ninjas.
Silver Warrior Earn a silver medal.
Slap Chop Kill 10 zombies.
Slice n'Dice Eviscerate 100 zombies.
Tea with the Queen Purchase all available upgrades.
Team Time! Purchase your first upgrade.
The Soldier and the Gentleman Complete Chapter 3.
The Student Becomes the Master Kill the Ninja Boss.
Tiger Style Complete Chapter 7.
Unfinished Business Complete Chapter 11.
Warrior's Code Complete Chapter 8.
Why We Can't Have Nice Things Destroy 100 scenery objects.

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