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Unlockable Awards

Unlock the following awards by performing the corresponding tasks:
Accomplished Complete ten levels perfectly.
Apprentice Complete the second shelf.
Better than us Beat our perfect number of moves.
Champion Complete the sixth shelf.
Complete Complete every level.
Defiant Take over ten minutes to complete a level.
Excellent Complete the third shelf.
Expert Complete the fifth shelf.
Fearless Spiked ten times.
Flawless Complete twenty levels perfectly.
Funeral Bill Spiked twenty times.
Groundhog Day Retry a level twenty times.
High Stamina Play for one hour.
Hoarder Collect one hundred pearls.
Hunter Collect fifty pearls.
Impeccable Complete forty levels perfectly.
Keep Going! Play for ten minutes.
Learnt the Ropes Complete the tutorial.
Magpie Collect twenty five pearls.
Matchmaker Push two sets of blocks together.
Meticulous Complete a shelf in perfect moves.
Minimalist Complete three levels perfectly.
Ouch! Be spiked three times.
Pearl Harboring Collect two hundred pearls.
Pearl Jammer Collect one hundred and fifty pearls.
Perfect Complete every level in perfect moves.
Precise Complete a stage in perfect moves.
Pro Complete the fourth shelf.
Quick Thinking Complete a level in under five seconds.
Ring Leader Used the ring five times.
Road to Nowhere Get stuck in a loop five times.
Scenic Rout Take three times as many moves as necessary.
Suicidal Die on a first move.
Time Flies Play for thirty minutes.
Tired Push ten blocks.

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