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100 answers (20) Gave 100 answers in total
100 answers in session (60) Gave 100 answers within one session
1000 answers (50) Gave 100 anaswers in total
15 answers in session (10) Gave 15 answers within one session
200 answers (30) Gave 200 answers in total
2000 answers (100) Gave 2000 answers in total
3 answers in a row (30) Won three rounds in a row
30 answers in session (20) Gave 30 answers within one session
5 answers in a row (80) Won five rounds in a row
50 answers (10) Gave 50 answers in total
50 answers in session (30) Gave 50 answers within one session
500 answers (40) Gave 500 answers in total
First Answer (5) Gave a correct answer to a question
Five Games (50) Won five games by points (total)
Hat-Trick (50) Three instant guesses in a row
Instant Guess (15) Correctly answered from first attempt and without hints
Lucky Star (30) as 100th, 200th, etc. who rated a question
Overtake (20) orrectly answered the question a second before someone else
Room Holder (80) Created a room with at least three people in it
Sniper Guess (20) Correctly answered the question within last 5 seconds
Stenographer (20) Correctly answered a word with more than 12 letters
Winner (20) Won a game by points

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