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Rolando Cheats "Achievements" (iPhone/iTouch/iPad)


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Completed 100% (200) Talent
Completed the game (100) Talent
Fire Canyon: All Rolandos saved (50) Endurance
Fire Canyon: All diamonds collected (50) Discovery
Fire Canyon: Finished all levels in time (50) Talent
Honeycup Meadows: All Rolandos saved (50) Endurance
Honeycup Meadows: All diamonds collected (50) Discovery
Honeycup Meadows: Finished all levels in time (50) Talent
Rolando Central: All Rolandos saved (50) Endurance
Rolando Central: All diamonds collected (50) Discovery
Rolando Central: Finished all levels in time (50) Talent
Save 15 Rolandos (15) Endurance
Save 40 Rolandos (15) Endurance
Save 5 Rolandos (5) Endurance
Save 60 Rolandos (15) Endurance
Save 75 Rolandos (15) Endurance
Shadow Valley: All Rolandos saved (50) Endurance
Shadow Valley: All diamonds collected (50) Discovery
Shadow Valley: Finished all levels in time (50) Talent
Unlocked a secret level (25) Discovery

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