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Seed 1: Rise Of Darkness iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

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Items, Armor, and Weapons hint

The following are the three ways to obtain gear in the game:

Shops and Armories
The easiest method if you have the money, which you should if you keep killing monsters. The only downside to stores is that they only sell the lowest weapon rarity.

Enemy Drops
Enemies will drop items, weapons, and armor in any of the four rarity types.

Aside from mandatory quests that advance the storyline, others are optional and reward you with experience, money, or items/gear if you complete them.

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Item Rarity Effects

Gear and items come in one of four rarity types, indicated by the color of their name/text:
Black None
Blue Increases Dmg/Def
Red Increases Dmg/Def & adds 1 attribute
Yellow Increases Dmg/Def & adds 2 attributes

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