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Flair Guide

Unlock the following flairs by performing the corresponding tasks:
Lunar Lander Stack a Burger to the Moon (Easiest during a "Sky Burger" order, you reach the moon at approximately 100 toppings)
Speed Stacker Stack a regular order in under 10 seconds (Done by catching nothing but a top bun during a "Sky Burger" order)
Overtime Clock over 3 hours of play time
Moneybags Earn $25,000
Employee of the Month Complete an order worth $250 (best done during a "Sky Burger" order.  About 110 toppings should do the trick, along with a tip of 100% or more.)
Gold Burger Stack a perfect regular burger past order #5 (you can't miss a single required ingredient on level 6 or higher. Easiest on an order that only requires 2 different ingredients)
Year of the Burger Complete 365 burgers
Burger Zen Make it to order #15
Customer Satisfaction Build an order with 100% tip (Easiest on a "Sky Burger" order)
Top Dog Build a burger as CEO of Sky Burger (While playing you will recieve ranks, building any burger once you hit the rank of CEO will earn you this piece of flair.  $16,000 is required for this rank.)

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