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Unlock the following bonuses for the corresponding amount of points:
Advanced Mode 8,000 points
Boss Rush Mode 10,000 points
Knave 5,000 points
Wizard 3,000 points

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General Hints

  • Purchasing armor should be your first priority as it will effectively double your health.

  • Allow monsters to float onto the screen before you get near to avoid getting hit as they're arriving.

  • The shopkeeper briefly appears at the start and end of levels to sell you important items. Don't miss your chance to spend that hard-earned loot. It's more important to spend than to save and die.

  • Focus on earning enough HP to unlock the extra characters as this will make the game easier and more interesting.

  • The Dragon's Scale is expensive (5000 fame points), but will let you keep playing after you die.

  • Loot disappears within a few seconds of appearing so grab it as soon as possible.

  • Try controlling one side of the screen without worrying too much about the entire screen to make survival easier.

  • Always pay attention to your health bar.

  • Quest often since completing them offers all-important fame points.

  • Rate the game on the App Store to earn 500 free fame points.

  • Tweak the controls in the Options menu to better suit your playstyle.

12 months ago

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