Smurfs' Village iPhone/iTouch/iPad Cheats

Rating 6

Painter Smurf

Use 30 Smurfberries to unlock the Painter Smurf.

Rating 4

Unlockable Paint Colors

Painter Smurf can paint objects blue, red, and white. Unlock his other colors by completing the corresponding imgage at the Painter Smurf's mini-game at a "Close To Perfection" rank. Note - Colors cannot be unlocked in Practice mode.

Brown Complete an image of a Lamp Post.
Dark Blue Complete an image of some Mushrooms.
Green Complete an image of Smurfette.
Grey Complete an image of a Well.
Maroon Complete an image of a Smurf Hut.
Pink Complete an image of Papa Smurf.
Sky Blue Complete an image of some Flowers.
Violet Complete an image of a Cake.
Yellow Complete an image of a Gift Box.

Rating 3

Fast cash hint

If you don't want to wait for crops to grow, head to the Settings menu and select "General." Now, choose "Date and Time" and turn off "Set Automatically" and then change the time for your crops manually. Note: You can get away with this exploit about 20 times before some Smurfs leave.

Rating 0

Restoring your village hint

The game automatically saves the village every day. If you want to revert to a previous day or lost your village somehow, use the following hidden feature: Start the game, choose Options from the main menu, and tap Papa Smurf 16 times (not the "Restart Game" feature next to his icon). After the 16th time a new option will be available in the bottom right corner called "Recover Village". Select it to find a list of saved games.